New limited edition available for pre-order from 7 February.

Deliveries expected in the first week of March.

Paule's words

Each trip to Italy to work with our artisans is a real journey for me, one in which my curiosity is at its peak. I search and search like an archaeologist in the hope of a discovery that will change the life of Nomasei and perhaps the footwear industry.

Each find is a battle won in the great war against waste. After the recycled heel and toe cap from our own scraps, I discovered a stock of beautiful leathers, abandoned there by big luxury houses. The desire to use them to create fun combinations of our timeless designs was born. The NONO moccasin lends itself perfectly to this.

I like the idea of limited quantities, not because of snobbery but because of technical constraints, and it's fun to make as many
pairs as this stock allows, the count is never round.

This capsule also reflects our idea of luxury. A luxury whose scarcity is not caused by exorbitant prices but by a strict and necessary quality and responsibility.

This research has resulted in 51 pairs of NONO moccasins in the tricolour blue, called "tri-blue" and 69 pairs in the bicolour beige, called "bi-beige".

I hope you enjoy them.


Bicolor beige NONO
Tricolor blue NONO