We are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion throughout the creative process.

Having worked for some of the most prestigious luxury houses in Paris (Dior, ChloƩ, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy, among others), we met in a luxury shoe factory in Venice three years ago.

Together, we chose to create Nomasei to commit to a timeless and honest luxury, made of respect, sharing, ethical commitments and transparency. The trajectory of strong, free and rebellious women and dance as a gesture of freedom are our inspirations.

The meeting with a luxury shoe factory in Montopoli, a village in Tuscany, gave shape to Nomasei. This family business, whose values they share, becomes the essential partner of the project. The dominant colors of Nomasei are a tribute to this collaboration: Montopoli red, the color of terracotta, the typical terracotta of the Tuscan hills and Siena, the yellowed white of Pompeii marbles.

" The hand is action: it takes, it creates,
and sometimes it seems to think."(Henri Focillon)

Nomasei is a brand of shoes with studied shapes, high quality materials, processes respectful of the environment and the human being, results of an ethical commitment of radical transparency.

Nomasei is about hands: "Noma" - from the Italian "Mano", the hand, with a slang twist to confuse the issue - "Sei" - six in Italian, because each creation is the fruit of the collaboration between several hands and several skills, gathered around an idea that becomes a creation.

In keeping with the best tradition of craftsmanship, each piece has its own story: a story of time, quality and design, where each step of the creation bears the imprint of the hand that made it.

Against the frenetic pace of today's fashion, Nomasei is a laboratory and a space of freedom and creation open to all, whose form evolves with the inspirations and discoveries of all those who contribute to it: a project that combines timeless values and fashion sensibility, a footwear brand that makes sharing and transparency the keystones of a new idea of luxury.