Burgundy - TRENCH - Loafers

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The chic and comfortable loafer
  • Heel height 2.55 inches stable and comfortable,  ideal to take you from the office to a dinner party... in comfort
  • Upper : 100% semi-patent calf leather
  • Insole and lining : 100% goat leather
  • Outsole : 100% calf leather
  • Heels : 100% calf leather strips
  • The insole is fleece-lined with memory foam for  all-day comfort.

Your messages of love ... ❤️

Thank you. I love beautiful, timeless fashion and am very much looking forward to receiving my Pompeii Trench loafers. The older I get the less attractive all those stiletos sitting in my closet look. When I learned about you and your founder and your brand, I saw comfort, class, and corporate responsibility. I’m happy to have found you!!


I love both pairs of my loafers with the heels so much They make my days bright and my heart sing. 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵


I received the shoes Wednesday (on my birthday), and I just wanna say that they are perfect. Worth the wait.

A word from Paule

TRENCH is a mix between our NONO moccasin and an urban pump. A moccasin with a 6.5 cm high heel for those who want to take a step up and assert their power gently.

This "moccasin pump" brings a strong attitude with its imposing heel, but also a soft attitude with its rounded square shape and sophisticated hand jewel, symbol of Nomasei's respectful philosophy.
It can be worn during the day, but it is highly recommended to wear it at night in order to enjoy its "cool and powerful" aura to shine in the under parties of the big cities or in your social dinners!

TRENCH does not make the woman, on the contrary! Each woman decides whether TRENCH is trendy or classic. TRENCH bends to your attitude, your personality and your desires of the moment. It does not lead, it accompanies and enhances.


Like all our models, TRENCH also meets our requirements in terms of quality and controlled impact.