Pompeii White - ARMADA - Boots

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The fatal and comfortable boot
  • Heel Height 2.36 inches  ideal for every day
  • Upper: 100% calf leather
  • Insole and lining: 100% goat leather
  • Outsole: 100% calf leather
  • Covered heels: 100% calf leather
  • The insole is fleece-lined with memory foam for greater comfort for an evening or a day's work.
  • The outsole is reinforced with a rubber insert on the toe to retard wear.

Armada is manufactured in our Italian factory located in the village of Montopoli. Like all our other models, all the elements that make up Armada have been sourced locally 40km around our factory.

Armada's leather comes from a tannery certified by the Leather Working Group, the highest authority in terms of ecological performance in the leather industry. Armada's zipper is recycled and recyclable.

Like all our other models, Armada's price is transparent and reasoned.

A word from Paule

I named these Armada boots as an obvious response to the strong woman look they instantly give. Armada, which means "army" in Spanish, tells the story of the one who is armed to live free, the one who has confidence in herself as well as in life. They bring a crazy energy to the simplest of your outfits and they are, as usual, signed Nomasei, with the back stripes in contrast and the zipper pull engraved with our symbol hand.

Just got the Armada Boots today. Gorgeous !!


ARMADA in the streets